'' The Bearer of the Diary of the Cryme''.

I sit in the half light plagued with regret Memories like ghosts haunt me I flinch as water drips from the ceiling nearby Its noise catching me off guard as a cry guarantees to escape my silent lips I mouth a silent word, "redemption", I understand now it will not come ... I am chilled to the bone here, I have perished, that I know I am however a shade now, a ghost An infection in the mind of the living And my bones they will never find; lost are they under the earth, My tomb a flooded cavern within the earth ... I am the keeper of a legacy I am the key, my testaments an entrance to hell For I am the author of the Diary Of The Cryme Its physical manifestation lost Drowned in the icy cold waters here A quick shift I was rejected for my passage came so long therefore unpleasant Penalty for all my mortal criminal activities, However ... how was I to blame? I followed the society, I did as I was told Ignorance a befitting crime for he of no name My knowledge the element, the molten gold But it was ignored by all those self-centered fools Who lived their meaningless lives with all their fascinating tools I warned them after the visions came, but they disregarded me They cannot believe it was the reality I could see ... I connect from beyond the tomb and touch the minds of those who now listen The cycle go back to the point once again Along tunnels you all will flee The earth needs redemption Lots of, a number of you will perish again Listen, listen ... it will come to pass!!!!!!!!! Composed by Matthew James Wednesday, 11 December 2002