Perception Deception

Things are often not what they appear to be. They designed to give a misconception. To bend reasoning and produce an illusion to deceive your mind. The onus is on deceptiveness and false impression. Typically to force you to see the world in such a way another person wants you to. This is what I describe a perception deception. The existing issue with BREXIT is one of these circumstances. As was the Pulse Club, the Boston Battles, The War In Iraq, ISIS as well as 9/11. That is just the idea of the iceberg. NASA does it all the time with Mars, The Moon and its expedition of space. Science does it. Medication does it. Undoubtedly practically everything we are taught about life in school is an understanding deception. Our true nature is hidden from us. We are deceived with our perception about our minds, our bodies as well as life after the impression known as death. There is little in this world that is not a perception deception. You take a look around this world at the ancient wonders, the architecture from the far-off past and its construction is more evidence of the understanding deception going on. The account of history and our evolvement; the missing link. All lies. All perception deceptiveness. And this is just the pointer of the iceberg. Evidence exists that guy has actually been advanced millions of years before this age. That he had more intelligence than us, that his civilisations had in them exactly what we have so called only simply discovered now. Perception deception. Our whole identity is a deliberate lie. Those who do this - who I call the Lizard individuals, which is another perception deception as they don't in fact have an appearance, being just energy in our minds that create believed types in our minds and sickly voices too - are frightened of our discovery of the deceptiveness that abound this world. They have actually lied to us for aeons. They flex our wills to do their work for them.We assistance develop the truth they want by method of understanding deceptiveness. We do it all for them with our minds. That is why they twist our ideas to that of their desires ... to their agenda. Understanding deception in every aspect of our lives in this phony reality. Within this pirate copy of a true realm. We are their food source. We are the engine room that drives this face truth. We are forced by perception truth to reside in worry. Worry is their food. It is what drives this pirate copy. Perception deceptiveness develops fears. 'Sixteen were the fears to be gotten rid of in order to keep in mind universal love. When there is universal love you become off the grid to those of the darkness.'