Mars - Worth A Closer Look (With An Open MInd).

The adopted human paradigms of 'Mars is a lifeless planet' and 'there is no such thing as aliens or life on other worlds' has actually kept mankind subservient for several years. It is a closed door we are informed is locked, when in fact it is large open and easy to go through! It simply needs re-programming the mind to believe and see for itself, devoid of the subliminal directions it has actually undergone considering that an early mind. Look at the above images, closely and with an open mind. What do you see? There are questionable anomalies here caught in Google Mars images. These locations on Mars can not be seen on Google Mars! Why? These images were copied and processed over 9 years ago ... now the Mars you see on Google Mars is a restricted expedition. Why? Why if it is a lifeless world as it is declared to be ... there is nothing to see so why not let us go in close and see it for ourselves ... think about that.