The Distinction In between Magical North and Wonderful South

There is an unique difference in spiritual energy vibration between the southern hemisphere and the northern hemisphere. The energy here in the UK feels more ancient, more powerful in someway … however is much harder to access and raise. I say this, because in Australia, the energies are better to hand, appear to be much easier to summon, however are not as undoubtedly potent. Polarities are different. When you raise energy in the UK it is moved in a clockwise instructions. In Australia, a clockwise movement is not a favorable movement. This is the complicated element. Energy directions are revers in between the two hemispheres. Raising energy in Australia, and in New Zealand, is performed in a counter-clockwise instructions. They state that the forces in the southern hemisphere are more ancient, and been along longer. I contest this. I would comment the energy in the southern hemisphere is a lot easier to be damaged by. It is not always evil, or dark, it simply has a tendency to trick and represent itself as something it is not. I find you know where you are with northern hemisphere energy. After 15 years of energy working in New Zealand and Australia, I do prefer the ancestral connections in the northern hemisphere. It is harder to work energetically in the UK, in fact. Australia has some spectacular energy pockets, I will state. The UK energy is raw and heavy in comparison. But the Australian vibration is far more penalizing …

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