How to Open Your Third Eye

Preface: I had at first rewritten this to be included on the Wim Hoff Approach Blog. However, it went unposted. Rather than see the work lost I am sharing it with you. In addition to being simpler to check out than the last variation I have actually added an illustrated ways to poster.


What is implied by 'opening your third eye'? It is a meditation method that refers to becoming more self aware and in tune with your surroundings. Results may be various for everybody. Some experience heightened awareness, more imagination, or a sense of calm and confidence. When carried out consistently, your instinct will improve and you will become more aware.

I initially tried this strategy when I was a young child. My mother and I were at a swap meet. It was there, after much pestering, that she purchased me that book on Native American Shamanism. I desired the book because my best friend was telling me about his terrific spiritual powers and how he was getting a power animal. Because young children can be fairly competitive, I felt I likewise needed to do what my friend was doing. When we left the swap fulfill, I began reading the book in the automobile. One of the first meditation exercises I came across was contacting the ancient spirits for help. I decided this would be an excellent exercise to start with prior to I looked for my power animal.

This is exactly what I bear in mind of the exercise.

"Take in through the nose for a slow count of 3. Hold for a count of 3. Then breathe out for a count of three. Do this gradually and rhythmically. Focus on the point between your eyes above your nose on your forehead. Roll the eyes up behind closed eyelids. This may take 10-20 minutes before you can get in touch with the spirits. As you inhale and out, you will see different colors beginning at yellow then moving to purple. When you see purple you may, many respectfully speak with your spirit guides."

When that night finally approached, I found a quiet area in the house and set on the ground in a darkened living room. I took in and out. I became a growing number of relaxed. I saw flashes of yellow and purple. Then I asked to talk to my grandmother's and grandfather's spirits, the ancients, and the enlightened. Then, it took place! I heard a voice, as clear as day in my mind, and I went crazy. I did unknown it then, but this was the day that would define the rest of my life.

It was not until years later that I attempted meditation once again, and it would be longer still when I tried, exactly what I now know as, the third eye meditation. Almost like clockwork, years gone by once more and it is only now that I realized the significance of opening my third eye.

Was I calling ancient spirits when I was a youngster? Possibly, however more likely, I had actually gotten in touch with my greater awareness. This greater consciousness remains in all of us. It is exactly what makes us human and permits us to do fantastic things.

There are many workouts and meditation methods for opening your 3rd eye. The easiest method is to sit upright in a comfy chair. Put your arms at your sides and hands on your lap. Inhale through your nose to a count of 10, hold for 10, then breathe out for 10. The longer you can do this the better, however the secret remains in the consistent balanced breathing. In through the nose, out through the mouth. When you do this, concentrate on the point in between your forehead. You do not have to literally turn your eyes to your forehead, you require just to concentrate on the point in the middle of your forehead while you inhale and out. Around the eight to tenth breath, you will start to see the yellow color spiral in your mind. As you continue breathing, the color will change to purple then to flashing colors.

When this takes place, when you finally see that vibrating purple color, it indicates you have actually opened your third eye. This 'opening' means various things for different people. For me, it has enabled more imagination and focus.

If you do not see swirling colors, or you cannot hold your breath for 10 seconds, do not stress. Simply keep attempting and do exactly what you are comfortable with. Among my students would complain of consistent headaches, but he continued. Just when he continued did he realize that his headaches were since he was staring at his nose cross-eyed.

The more meditation you do, the more understanding and control you will have over the results of your newfound awareness. Many individuals believe that the benefit of meditation is only during the actual meditation, however it is rather the contrary. The advantage comes a short time after the meditation. The more consistent you remain in your meditation, the more aware of the benefits you become. You recognize that, maybe, you aren't fortunate, but there is someone/something assisting you. You see patterns where there would be random possibilities. This is simply the begin to an improved and a better you.

If you require aid, or have concerns, you are always welcome to contact me.