Are you spiritually materialistic?


This was a term I initially heard in reference to a buddhist teaching I was learning. Spiritual Materialism was coined by the buddhist Chogyam Trungpa. So what is spiritual materialism? It is an ailment of spirit linked by the excellent ego that rules us all. There are different kinds of spiritual materialism but the best was once called idol praise. It is the collection of spiritual or religious objects to make one feel more spiritual or to attempt and satisfy that gnawing more need within.

An example of this very first type of spiritual materialism would be surrounding yourself, with crucifixes, malas, holy books, the bible, the quoran, crystals, statues, rosaries, holy relics, prints of spiritual deities, books or tv shows of a supernatural nature or anything fo the sort. Many people may have a couple of of these products and this is great. It is when there is a collection developed, a compulsion or have to surround yourself with these items that it ends up being a spiritual materialism. This is the most base of spiritual materialism as it has its grounding in the real world. Possessing these products is not a sense of guilt or offense alone, since it is when the belongings is in conjunction with a supremacy complex.

This is the next phase of spiritual materialism the halo result, it is a holier than thou mindset. A sensation that these people don't be worthy of to worship here or have these products due to the fact that they can not appropriately care or value them. This is the ego feeding off of the spiritual need to much better one's self. This halo result has the opposite effect however and pulls us closer toward materialism and the desire to belong, to control and dominate.

Spiritual materialism is not a method to an end, it is a soul illness. The objective of a spiritual candidate is humbleness, compassion, understanding, empathy and ideal mindedness. Without these qualities the aspirant is lost among the visceral sound of another materialism that is under the guise of something more.

It is with terrific unhappiness that I see numerous candidates decorate themselves with malas, pentagrams, or astrological bangles in effort to be more spiritual. These items alone will not assist in the trip. It is the intent behind the product, the aspirant has to be willing to toss them aside and planning to accomplish more. The objects are nothing more than easy guides. But, when they become crippling, and you can not live without them or function in worry of removing or losing them, they end up being like a poison to the soul. It is at this point when spiritual materialism truly takes over. We are simply ethereal beings in a viewed physical world. We are of one consciousness attempting to unify itself globally, and generally. When the desire or have to be better results in egotism all your work is for naught.

You are a spiritual materialist if
You surround yourself with religious or spiritual things You believe others are not worthy of their spiritual efforts You feel you alone have the ability to guide humankind
You do not need to have all these to qualify as a spiritual materialist, you only require one. When you are able to admit to yourself that just maybe you are materialistic in soul, then and only then are you ready to transcend beyond. How do I leave from spiritual materialism? It might be a quick modification of instructions for some and a longer process for others but in the end it will certainly improve you.

Step 1: Identify if you are materialistic
Look around and see exactly what do you keep close to you? Could you cope with out the things? Can you take a look at the circumstance outside yourself? What do you hold close what is driving you to where you are? When you can respond to these question truthfully with yourself, because you are the one who understands if you are lieing. Then you can start to step outside your comfort zone.

Step 2: Practice selflessness
Give it away, give away your collection, the items you hold so very much. Distribute yourself assist others not in hopes they might assist you or return the favor however simply to help. Broaden beyond your safety zones. By giving away items that are closest to us or serving someone we may think about below us we exercise humility. We are able to see what makes us awkward and we can utilize that to much better ourselves. What part makes you uneasy, what do you feel safe doing? Is exactly what you are doing for the betterment of others or is it self fulfilling due to the fact that you were told to do it?

Step 3: Repeat
Keep contemplating your current circumstance, where are you? what are you doing? what is a need versus a want? We have lots of wants our modern culture drives them all the time. We are pounded by desires, but exactly what is genuinely had to grow?

This is not an easy procedure and I myself confess I have been struggling with some elements of this. However, I keep attempting knowing that at some point, I will certainly not want or require, I will certainly be able to help others and live in wealth without ever desiring or requiring more. The spiritual items we surround ourselves with are like a safety blanket of a young child. Eventually, either the blanket deteriorates or we understand we do not require it any more. If you discover that some items you have do really benefit you and not perceivably benefit you then I motivate you to keep them up until you understand you no longer require them. If you use them due to the fact that you invested $1600 in it and it is a discomfort point to hand out that astrological bangle or old tome then it is time to let go. I hope this has been of some assistance to you and if you are ever struggling I motivate you to reach out to me and I will certainly do my best to assist assist you.

Pax Vobiscum,