Are You Being True To You?

Do you know who you really are? Not the name you carry as you stroll the earth airplane. Or the name that is connected with the animal skin you use? Do you actually who you are outside of the incorrect ego that reacts to the world it finds around it? Are you being true to that essence of boundless awareness which is you? Are your actions its genuine intents here on this mortal plane? Are you revealing its life function as you react to the 'external' stimuli you find all around you? Are you truly who you actually are? Or are you simply being made the puppet by the different self-centered self? Can you discriminate between your true self, which is the divine stimulate incarnate, and the different self, which is the vibrational directions that come from the physical avatar that 'walks' the earth on your behalf? Are you the human skin, the animal skin that sheaths your etheric essence? If so, that is not you. Being what is expected of you by means of ancestral standard; via the needs of being part of the human society ... that is not the real you. The real you needs to separate itself from what it does not want, or need to do ... and end up being the identity that the ideas, and the perceptions, of the divine stimulate incarnate, creates. The true self goes beyond ALL the human worries, and has the capability to be ITSELF. Without the have to draw any attention to itself. It just IS. And will always be. It exists on this physical airplane to serve itself ... and its own function..